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Tax Services

Being in the VoIP business means entering the world of Telecom, where the Federal & State governments  view a VoIP provider as something very similar to a public utility. Things have come a long way for a once monopolized and highly regulated business. But although the competitive & technological landscape has changed dramatically, taxes and regulations remain the same. We are here to help with the taxing matters of being in the VoIP business. We provide the full spectrum of tax services for VoIP providers which will allow your business to grow, without bearing the burden of an in house tax department. 

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Tax Services for VoIP providers

VoIP Telecom & Transaction Taxes


FCC Compliance - USF & TRS Fees

We provide FCC registration along with preparation and filings of forms 499-Q, 499-A and 477. Information provided on these forms is used to derive your contribution to the Federal USF and TRS funds, as well as for the determination FCC Regulatory fees applicable to VoIP providers. The FCC uses third party administrators to manage these funds, they are USAC, for USF contributions, and RolkaLoube, for TRS contributions.  We also remit the yearly CPNI certification to the FCC. 

State Telecom Taxes

While your home state may not have a specific telecom transaction tax, there are many states that do. It is inevitable that you’ll end up with customers in one of these states. We can handle the registration, filing and payments in these states, which typically include a Telecom gross receipts tax and e911 fees. 


VoIP businesses are subject to Sales & Use taxes in every state where a customer may exist, except for the five states that do not have a sales tax. We can get your business registered, and take care of the monthly filing and payment requirements. In most states, sales tax rates are higher than income taxes, so this an area where accurate and timely filing is a must. 


Most VoIP businesses are set up as a Corporation, S-Corporation, or an LLC.  We prepare and file these corporate returns, and can recommend changes to your corporate structure in order to minimize your tax burden, or simplify the filing requirements. As your VoIP client base grows into a multi-state presence, a business owner should be aware of the state income tax requirements, and the importance of planning.  A thoughtful approach is required to make sure that double-taxation does not occur and that filings across the states are simplified to the greatest extent possible. Multi-state tax matters are where we stand out, and where we can really make a difference. 

Personal Income Tax Compliance

Over 90% of businesses in the U.S. file corporate income taxes as a pass-though entity. This means the business itself does not pay federal income taxes, but rather passes the profit through to the owners, where it is taxed at the personal level. Having prepared all of your corporate filings, and having a great understanding of where money went in terms of state income tax remittances, we are in the best position to finalize your tax work by completing your personal tax return. We also provide tax planning during the year. No tax surprises!

we make the tax matters of voip much less taxing